• Send pop-up messages
    on your corporate network.

    dMessage is a simple solution for sending and receiving
    pop-up messages over your enterprise-wide LAN.
    dMessage is compatible with Windows OS and Active Directory.

Easy installation

dMessage easily takes place in your company infrastructure by automatically connecting to your LDAP directory. All you need to begin using it, is a shared directory.


Alert manager

With dMessage, you can send urgent messages to chosen people across the company through your LAN. Keep your people informed of any potential threat.


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dMessage™ is easily integrated to your enterprise infrastructure - whether LAN or VPN - and can be deployed on several thousand workstations. It is immediately operational and automatically connects to your LDAP directory. It is an extremely light application and requires neither a dedicated server nor database, a simple shared directory is sufficient.

  • - Send pop-up messages
  • - Define message filters
  • - Quick and easy installation


With its simple filter system, dmessage allows you to send messages only to the designated recipients. You can use a wide variety of filters such as the membership of a group, or the presence of a specific file or application on the workstation. With dMessage, no need to enter your contacts manually or to build an address book. Our pop-up messaging system automatically interfaces with all LDAP directories.

  • - Smart pop-up
  • - Connect to LDAP directories
  • - Message history and archiving

Business sectors

More than a hundred companies chose dMessage. Hospitals use our pop-up messaging system to improve their teams’ reactivity during emergency plans. Companies integrate dMessage to quickly send strategic information to their agencies. Public organizations use it as an alert manager for sensitive sites.

  • - Alert and crisis management
  • - Fast communication with agencies
  • - Improve reactivity