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Confidentiality declaration
MGI Consultants is committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal data you may provide to us online via the www.dmessage.com website. We wish to clarify that the disclosure of personal data is not required to access the site or any of its sections. Also, no personal information will be collected without your knowledge during your visit to our site.

Use of data collected
MGI Consultants considers data confidentiality and the protection of your private life to be of extreme importance. Our website respects French laws concerning the protection of personal data. In certain sections, you may be asked to provide personal details such as your name, address and e-mail on a voluntary basis. These details are required for us to reply to your comments or requests for information. MGI Consultants will not transmit your personal data to other companies and will only use it in the course of our professional activities.

Links to other websites
The website www.dmessage.com may contain links to other websites. MGI Consultants is not responsible for such sites and cannot control nor verify their content. It is therefore your responsibility to familiarize yourself with conditions applicable to any websites you may visit.

Intellectual property
The technical content provided on this site was developed by MGI Consultants and represents an extensive amount of work. Its dissemination is subject to the agreement of MGI Consultants.

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General terms and conditions of installation and use of dMessage™ trial version™
dMessage / M.G.I. Consultants Dépôts INPI 09 3638319 / 98755968 Dépôt A.P.P. 98 430009 005


1) Purpose
The rights set out below are the non-exclusive rights of installation and of use, the scope of which is expressly limited. At no moment does the granting of such rights imply the transfer of ownership and MGI, being the developer of the software, shall remain the sole owner.

2) Installation
The user acknowledges having chosen to install this software without the influence of the licensor and without attending a demonstration of the software. The user assumes sole responsibility for all consequences of this installation. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by the licensor, the software referred to as dMessage will be installed on a limited basis on a single computer workstation per company or site. The software can be installed on the following computers: PC using Pentium chip-set, running the following OS: Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Seven. It must be installed according to the following instructions: By clicking on the Install button for the software, you accept all clauses, conditions and restrictions of use set out below. If you do not accept these conditions the software will not be installed. This demo version of the dMessage software does not imply the granting of a licence. For full information on using the software, please contact us using the online form on the dMessage website: http://www.dmessage.com.

3) Counterfeit guarantee
The licensor guarantees that it owns the intellectual property rights that enable it to conclude this agreement and that this licensing agreement does not harm the rights of third parties. The user undertakes to immediately inform the licensor of any counterfeit use of the software brought to its attention.

4) Scope of rights guaranted
The user is expressly forbidden from making permanent or temporary copies of all or part of the demo version of this software by any means and in any form. The user is forbidden from translating, adapting, arranging or modifying this software and from exporting and merging it with other software. No backup copies may be made. For this demo version of the software, the user only has the right to analyse, observe, study and test the functions of the software.

5) Guarantee exclusions
The user shall use the software without possible recourse against the licensor. In particular, the licensor shall in no event be liable in the event of errors, whatsoever the cause, in the results obtained, the verification of which is the responsibility of the user. Similarly, the licensor shall not be liable for any accidental destruction of user data which the user is responsible for backing-up.

6) Applicable law
The application of these articles is governed by French law to the exclusion of all other legislation. Any disputes will be settled under the jurisdiction of the PARIS courts. In the event this agreement is translated into other languages, all other versions are courtesy translations solely for informational purposes and only the French version will be considered as a legally binding document. Should any of these clauses be rendered null and void or inapplicable this shall in no event affect the validity of any other clauses which shall retain their effect.