• Benefits offered by dMessage

    A quick and practical communication method will help in your daily communications.

"dMessage allows you to send in a controlled way, pop-up messages through your local area network to targeted recipients.
This new mean of communication, fast and convenient will be useful on a daily basis."

Daily communications

Benefits for support

Immediate alerts

  • - Is your Internet connection down? Has service returned to normal?
  • - Is there a virus loose in your infrastructure?
  • - Need to issue a health alert?
Our solution :
Immediately inform all your employees with a pop-up alert. Send messages securely over your LAN.

Facilitate daily communications

  • - Are your messages often similar?
  • - Do you want to define standard messages to send it quickly?
Our solution :
Define message templates and contact lists in advance. Once a template is configured, simply send it with a click.

Be certain that your message will be read

  • - Is your company e-mail system full of unread messages?
  • - Is it essential that your message be read?
Our solution :
At top priority level, your message appears directly on each recipient’s screen and you are sure that it will be read.

Send information more effectively

  • - Your appointment has just arrived and you want to be notified even if you’re on the phone?
  • - Has a department meeting been rescheduled and you need to inform the participants?
Our solution :
Send a fast, discrete pop-up message and only alert the people concerned.

Reduce the number of calls for support

  • - Need to alert your users about a software update?
  • - Got a problem with a specific server?
  • - A specific process to detect?
Our solution :
Perfectly adapted to use by IT support, dMessage™ detects workstations with the specified configuration and the message only appears on these computers.

Manage your communication

  • - Do you want to manage internal messages more efficiently?
  • - Looking for a communication solution but don’t want to allow chat?
Our solution :
Simple control over message senders: the messaging console can be installed independently of the receiving clients. This allows you to mechanically limit the number of users authorized to send messages.

Send pop-up messages without Net Send

  • - Do your recipients sometimes not receive messages sent using Net Send?
  • - Looking for a multi-platform alternative to Net Send?
Our solution :
dMessage is independent of Net Send and the associated service. It operates on all Windows OS, from NT4 to Windows 10.

Be independent of your messaging system

  • - Is your internal e-mail system down?
  • - Is your Internet connection down?
Our solution :
Continue communicating using dMessage as it is independent of e-mail systems and external Internet.