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Instant sending

Get your messages out in seconds.

Instant sending

The distribution of messages sent with dMessage is very fast: they are received by all recipients in just a few seconds. dMessage thus gives you the ability to accelerate the propagation important information.

Text editor integrated

Format your message in just a few clicks.

Text editor integrated

All functionalities of a text editor are directly integrated to the dMessage sending console. So you can format your message and highlight important information it contains.

Easy choice of recipients

Select them using AD information.

Easy choice of recipients

dMessage relies on the information contained in the Active Directory for facilitate the selection of recipients. Find your recipients with the built-in utility or use autocomplete to quickly choose your recipients.

Prepared mailings

Create message templates in advance.

Prepared mail

To allow a fast sending, message templates give the possibility to send a message prepared in advance in a few clicks. Anticipate situations that require responsiveness by setting up appropriate message templates.

Panic button

Send a message with a double-click on a shortcut.

"Panic button"

Some situations need to make it as simple, quick and discreet as possible sending a message. With dMessage, send a message set in advance at the push of a button programmed.

Posts scheduled

Schedule your mailings for a specific date and time.

Scheduled Posts

Some communications must be sent at a specific time to have an interest for the recipients. Plan ahead the date and time when your messages will be sent for guarantee its impact and relevance.

Precise targeting recipients

Send your messages only to the people you want.

Precise targeting of recipients

Use filters of dMessage to refine the selection of recipients of your messages according to criteria on their workstation. A employee does not have an application on his workstation? He therefore does not receive the warning message from maintenance of this app.

Advanced personalization

Include your logo in the message window.

Advanced personalization

Customize dMessage according to your needs with your logo and settings. Add new levels of messages and choose the appropriate colors to match your uses and the types of messages you want to broadcast.

Scripting and automation

Automate sending messages using command lines.

Scripting and automation

dMessage allows you to send messages in parameterized command lines. Send automatic messages from your communication tools monitoring and supervision to alert the right people in case of problem.

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